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Beylik's commitment to our customer service does not end when drilling and construction are complete. Our water supply customers have a very large investment in their wells and pumping facilities, which have a long term life expectancy. Further, the energy used to produce water is one of their major costs of operation.

We offer our customers a full scope of quality well and pump service. These services play a vital role in helping our customers maximize the life of their wells and pumps, reduce maintenance and repair, maximize efficiency, and minimize energy costs:


  • Pump Sales and Installation
  • Pump repair and Machining
  • Emergency Pump Rental
  • Well and Pump Testing
  • Well Perforating
  • Gravel Packed Liners
  • Swaged Liners
  • Sanitary Seal Installations
  • Mechanical Development: Cable Tool, Swabbing, Airlifting, and Jetting
  • Chemical Development
  • Airburst
  • Sonar Jetting
  • Wire Brushing
  • Pump Development
  • Down-hole Surveys: Video, Temperature, Caliper, Spinner, and Geophysical
  • Well Abandonment

We are committed to providing our customers quality services on a 24-hour emergency response basis. To support this commitment, Beylik owns and maintains a fleet of well service and pump installation rigs dedicated to well development and testing, well and pump service, repair, and rehabilitation. We also employ a team of dedicated professionals, including sales engineers, project managers, superintendents, highly skilled operators, and field technicians.

To perform our maintenance, service and repair operations, Beylik also maintains the following capabilities:

  • Experienced Factory Trained Personnel
  • In-house Engineering
  • Full Service Machine Shop
  • Fabrication Shop
  • Extensive Parts Inventory
  • Distributorships for Major Manufacturers of Pumps and Motors
  • Radio Dispatched Crews and Equipment
  • Health and Safety Trained Personnel For Hazardous Job Sites
  • Fleet of Quality Support Equipment

Beylik's commitment to customer service, experienced personnel, modern equipment, and in-house capabilities provides a level of excellence that our customers can rely on for their water needs.


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