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Over the past sixty years, Beylik Drilling & Pump Service, Inc. has drilled hundreds of water production wells using the air rotary, reverse circulation, mud rotary, and cable tool methods. Since its beginning, the company has been a leader and innovator in developing methods and equipment used to drill large diameter, deep, complex wells in a variety of geological conditions. Our experience in Hawaii includes over forty years drilling wells on all the major islands, in extremely challenging and diverse drilling conditions.

Hawaii has some of the most difficult drilling conditions in the world, including hard basalt, caving conditions (cinders and ash), lava tubes, and artesian flow. To insure successful drilling and completion of water production wells in these challenging geological conditions, Beylik's diversified drilling capabilities include:

  • Direct Air Rotary and Air Hammer
  • Reverse Circulation
  • Cable Tool
  • Mud Rotary
  • Air Rotary Casing Hammer

Water production wells drilled by Beylik are used for a variety of applications, including drinking water wells, injection-extraction wells, seawater intrusion, and industrial water source wells. Our customers include municipalities, government agencies, water districts, golf courses, cemeteries, industrial plants, energy concerns, real estate developers, and general contractors.

Beylik's success in the water well industry is the result of our willingness to accept the challenges of difficult jobs that other drilling contractors will not, or cannot perform. We have designed, built, and modified equipment for unusually difficult jobs including tight well locations, hard drilling, complex geology, environmentally sensitive locations, and fast track projects.

Whether routine or difficult, Beylik always strives to fulfill our customers' expectations of a thoroughly professional, quality job, completed in a safe and timely manner.


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