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Beylik has been a leader in accident prevention and safety in the groundwater industry for more than forty years. Excellent safety performance requires that we not only maintain an effective plan, but that our plan is consistently implemented. To achieve our objectives regarding safety, Beylik maintains one of the most advanced and highest quality safety programs in the industry. The major elements of our plan include the following:

  • Communicating all aspects of the plan to all employees on a consistent basis.
  • Regular meetings with employees at all levels.
  • Ongoing training for management, supervisors, employees, and subcontractors.
  • Accurate, timely reporting and thorough investigation of incidents.
  • Detailed, quality inspections.
  • Consistent rewards and disciplinary action.
  • Measured results communicated consistently to all interested parties

  • Click HERE to review a copy of the Table of Contents/Outline of Beylik Drilling and Pump Service, Inc.'s complete Injury and Illness Prevention Program.


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