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Beylik is committed to using technology to help improve our field productivity, enhance customer service and communication, and control costs on behalf of our customers. In keeping with this commitment, we have invested in a system called Teletrac, which is a GPS tracking system for all of our vehicles, trucks, cranes, pump service rigs, and drill rigs. As with our Pump Watch system, the use of our Teletrac system demonstrates increased accountability to our customers. It also improves equipment utilization, transportation efficiency, maintenance, and safety.

Using Teletrac, Beylik's superintendent and project managers can view, live at any time, the activity and location of all vehicles and service crews. Further, the system provides dozens of reports which can be generated for location and activity over a selected period of time or a specific point in time. Information provided in these reports includes time of arrival on job sites, travel time, actual operating time, time or miles since last vehicle service, vehicle speed, idling time, travel stops, and much more. The system also serves as a "lo-jack" or theft prevention device.

The key elements of our Teletrac system, and benefits to our customers are:

  • Increases our accountability to our customer by providing written reports upon request, documenting activity on their project.
  • Provides written, fool-proof documentation for the amount of time crews and equipment worked on site.
  • Provides our customer written, fool-proof documentation for travel time to and from the job site.
  • Eliminates disputes with our customers over billing for hours worked.
  • Reduces our customers' costs by improving the efficiency and productivity of our crews and equipment.
  • Improves safety and risk management by insuring timely maintenance of equipment and obeying speed limits.
  • Improves the quality, character, and productivity of the field personnel employed by Beylik to better serve our customers needs.


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