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Beylik Drilling and Pump Service, Inc. offers its customers products and services that provide significant technical advantages over those offered by our competitors. These technical advantages include:

  • Exclusive distributorships for the leading pump and motor manufacturers in Hawaii.  The technical services provided to Beylik by our manufacturers include:

    • Computer programs for sizing of pumps and motors.
    • Advanced technical training for our sales engineers and project managers.
    • Factory and field training for our supervisors and pump installers.
    • Product specific engineering and design support.

  • Proprietary services for well cleaning and rehabilitation.  Beylik is the exclusive representative for the leading providers of well cleaning services in Hawaii. These services include:

    • Sonar-Jet system for well cleaning and rehabilitation.
    • Airburst well rehabilitation system.
    • Chemical treatment for well rehabilitation.

  • Extensive Well and Pump Archives.  With over forty years experience in Hawaii, Beylik has developed extensive files that contain historical maintenance records and technical information for hundreds of wells and pumps. This information enables our dedicated staff to help our customers with design support, engineering assistance, trouble shooting, and predictive maintenance decisions.


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