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To meet our customers' needs, Beylik maintains a diversified fleet of drilling rigs, pump rigs, and specialized support equipment. We have equipment and crews dedicated full time on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii, and Maui. In addition, we have compact, portable rigs that can be mobilized economically to the outer islands. Our current fleet includes six pump service rigs, four drill rigs, and three cranes. To maximize the productivity of our field operations, we also maintain a fleet of quality support equipment including trucks, generators, welders, trailers, testing equipment, and fluid containment units.

Our main facility on Oahu also includes a full service machine shop, fabrication shop, and fleet of trucks to support our pump service and drilling operations. Beylik's entire equipment fleet includes late model, modern equipment designed specifically for use in our Hawaii market and work environment. Beylik maintains a state of the art fleet management and equipment maintenance program which helps minimize unscheduled downtime and maximize our field productivity.

Beylik's most valuable resource is our dedicated team of qualified personnel. Our owner and senior management are active in the company and all have over thirty years experience in the groundwater industry. All projects are assigned to one of four highly qualified sales engineers/project managers, who manage each project to insure efficient completion in accordance with our customers' requirements and the highest industry standards. All our sales engineers have extensive industry experience ranging from ten to over thirty years and are highly trained in our product lines and services.

The Company's superintendents for our shop, pump service, and drilling operations all have over twenty years experience with Beylik, and have worked their way up through the company from the field. They are responsible for the successful management of our field resources, quality control, safety, and timely completion of projects. Finally, our pump rig operators and drillers average over fifteen years of experience and are vital to our success and customer satisfaction. All operators have 40 hour OSHA safety training, CDL, Hawaii forklift training certification, Hawaii crane training certification, and manufacturers' technical training for the products they install.


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