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To better serve our customers, Beylik has designed and implemented a system for providing visual tracking of the customer's pump throughout the repair and installation process. Our "Pump Watch" system is designed to monitor a customer's pump from the time our crews arrive on site to pull the pump, through the machine shop, and until the pump is reinstalled.

The key elements of our Pump Watch System and advantages for our customers are:

  • Provides digital photos of the customer's pump at each stage of repair. Photos are e-mailed to our customer service representative, project manger, and the customer's representatives during each stage of repair/machining.
  • Allows the customer to view the product and participate in decision making as it moves through our shop and repairs progress.
  • A complete "Project Album" and report is provided to the customer at the end of each project when the final bill is submitted.
  • Eliminates the need for the customer to visit our shop during the repair process, eliminating travel and delays in decision making.
  • Eliminates disputes regarding repair vs. replacement, amount of work done, etc.
  • Improves quality control and project completion time.
  • Provides the customer with greater documentation and backup for details of work performed, quality of workmanship, materials used, labor, and repair costs.
  • Increases our accountability to the customer, and increases their confidence in our performance and accuracy of billings. Eliminates the customer's feeling of being held captive and dependent once their pump is in our shop.

The final photo record and album will include:

  • Photo(s) of site and pump station upon arrival.
  • Photos of key events during pump removal.
  • Photo of pump stacked on truck before leaving site.
  • Photo of dissembled pump components before repair.
  • Photos of repairs and machining in process.
  • Photo of pump components after repair, before assembly.
  • Photo of assembled pump, ready for delivery.
  • Photos of key events during installation.
  • Photo of final well head and job site after completion.

In addition to the photo record, the final report will include the following documentation:

  • Pump test and vibration test prior to pulling.
  • Inspection report with current condition, tolerances, etc.
  • Recommendations for repair.
  • Post repair inspection report with new tolerances, etc.
  • Bill of materials used in repair.
  • Installation report.
  • Pump test and vibration test after reinstallation.
  • Final report and as built drawings.


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