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Beylik's commitment to customer service, extensive experience in drilling and pump service in Hawaii, and full range of services provide a level of excellence that our customers can rely on for their water needs. The important performance advantages that set us apart form our competition include:

  • Experienced Management Team. Beylik's team of experienced professionals includes engineers, sales engineers, project managers and field superintendents. Our management and supervisory personnel have an average of over 25 years industry experience and have extensive training for the products and services we provide.

  • Highly Skilled Field Personnel. Our field superintendents for drilling and pump service each have over 20 years industry experience. Our pump installers and drillers all have an average of 15 years experience, have received 40 hr, OSHA safety training, CDL license, crane certification, forklift certification, and manufacturers' product training.

  • Quality, Modern Equipment.  Beylik has invested in a fleet of modern, state of the art drilling, pump, and support equipment. Our lead pump rigs, cranes, and drill rigs are all less than five years old and are the most advanced units in our industry. Drilling and pump rigs have been designed for difficult projects and include features for mobility to sites with limited access, tight locations, sites requiring noise abatement, and very deep wells and pumps. Features included on our newest pump rigs include all hydraulic power, extended masts, hydraulic leveling jacks, and power tongs for improved productivity.

  • Quality Products and Services.  Beylik provides the highest quality products and services available in our industry, many on an exclusive basis. We use only the industry's leading manufacturers and suppliers for all of our products and services including pumps, motors, electrical panels, column pipe, tube and shaft, well casing, drilling fluids, and all related supplies and services. We maintain strategic alliances with other industry leaders and attempt to maintain a partnering approach with all of our primary vendors for the benefit of our customers.


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