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Our customers have a large investment in their pumping systems, which have a long term life expectancy. Further, a well maintained system can be the source of thousands of dollars in energy savings. Whether pumping water for irrigation, landscaping, domestic use, or industrial purposes, pumping productivity and efficiency is an important part of their business.

By providing a quality, predictive maintenance program, we can help our customers achieve substantial savings as a result of the following:

  • Reduced pump energy Consumption
  • Reduced repair and replacement costs through early detection.
  • Extended life of pumping equipment.
  • Minimizing the cost of purchasing water during repair cycle by scheduling repairs during periods of low demand.

We offer our customers annual maintenance contracts which provide for performing predictive maintenance on a quarterly, semi annually, or annual basis. Services and measurements performed as part of scheduled maintenance visits include:

  • Clean and inspect electrical panel. Using an infrared probe, inspect the panel to identify locations of high temperature, indicative of poor electrical connections. Clean panel of dirt and debris that can be readily removed.
  • Perform Megohm Test. Measure the electrical resistance of the motor with a megohm meter.
  • Measure amperage and voltage of the motor.
  • Measure vibration. Use an accelerometer and signal analyzer to measure and analyze vibrations produced by the selected pumping equipment.
  • Measure sand content in ppm using a Rosum Sand Tester.
  • Check and adjust oil reservoir and dripper for turbine pumps.
  • Check and adjust pre-lube system for water lube pumps.
  • Grease motor bearings.
  • Check and clean air vents.
  • Perform a complete Hydraulic Test on the designated pump.

The Hydraulic Test includes the following tests and measurements:

  • Discharge pressure, PSI
  • Standing water level, ft.
  • Drawdown, ft.
  • Discharge head, ft.
  • Pumping level, ft.
  • Total head, ft.
  • Capacity, GPM.
  • GPM per ft. of drawdown
  • Acre ft. pumped in 24 hrs.
  • KW input to the motor.
  • HP input to the motor.
  • Motor load (%)
  • Measured speed of pump, RPM.
  • KWH per Acre ft.
  • Overall plant efficiency (%).
  • Customer meter, GPM

Following field measurements and predictive maintenance tasks, our customer is furnished with a report that includes the following:

  • Panel Inspection Report
  • Meg-Ohm Insulation Report
  • Amperage and Voltage results.
  • Vibration Detection Report
  • Hydraulic Test Results
  • Hydraulic Cost Analysis and Comparison Letter.
  • Summary of recommended corrective action/repairs.


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