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For each question, please indicate your judgement of the quality of service you received from Beylik Drilling & Pump Service, Inc. by marking the appropriate number on a scale from 1-5, with 1 being Poor and 5 being Excellent.

Survey Item
1.   How would you rate your experience in obtaining the project estimate?
2.   Was the Beylik Crew on time and prepared to work?
3.   How would you rate the appearance of the crew?
4.   How would you rate the competence of the crew?
5.   How would you rate the competence of the Sales Manager?
6.   How would you rate the Beylik equipment on your project?
7.   How would you rate Beylik's commitment to safety on your project?
8.   How would you rate Beylik's invoicing procedures?
9.   Was the project completed timely?
10. How would you rate your overall experience on this project?
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