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To better serve our customers in Hawaii, Beylik uses our own resources to provide valuable services that other contractors must hire third parties to perform. By maintaining significant in-house capabilities, we are able to improve our response time, reduce shipping costs, eliminate markup costs, and enhance quality control. The result is that we are able to fulfill our customers' expectations of performing the highest quality work in a cost effective, timely manner. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Full Service Machine and Fabrication Shop.  Our machine shop located at our main office on Oahu offers complete machining, fabrication, repair, rebuilding, and maintenance services for our customers' pumping equipment.

  • Engineering Support.  Beylik's staff of professionals provides complete design and engineering support for all of our products. We are able to meet our customers' pumping needs by providing pump application, trouble shooting, engineering, and design services.

  • Turnkey Pump Stations.  Beylik has a General Engineering Contractor's License and is qualified to construct complete well and pump stations on a turnkey basis, including pumping equipment, electrical, mechanical, pipeline, and related appurtenances.

  • Testing Facilities.  We are currently in the design phase for our new pump testing facilities which will be located at our main office on Oahu. This will allow us to perform certified pump tests locally without waiting extended lengths of time to conduct tests on the mainland.


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